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We use cutting edge Powder Coating products in Auckland, New Zealand

Application covers a range of substrates from steel to aluminium for fences, outdoor & indoor furniture or appliances.

Mainly used for exterior architectural applications such as aluminium windows and doors, as well as pre-fabricated panels.

Long life exterior protection for aluminium surfaces. Extremely fade resistant and is available in a wide range of colours.

An exciting new development in architectural coatings. Based on Illumiflon resin & exceeds the weathering performance.

Silicone based paint​ suitable for temperatures up to 650 degrees these products are ideal for solid fuel heaters & flue components.

Developed by ColourTec to produce a realistic high definition timber look​ on coated surfaces using membrane technology.

Strength & durability of aluminium with the natural beauty of wood. Imagine that stunning timber fence that never needs painting.

Powder coating, wet paint & substrate products

ColourTec NZ in Auckland is a full service custom coating shop specialising in powder coating & wet paint finishing for the architectural, appliance, & component markets in New Zealand. We are on the cutting edge of powder coating developments & are working with coating suppliers on areas including heat sensitive substrates like plastic & wood. Our experienced management team can promptly respond to customer needs while furthering our products & service capabilities.

powder coating brands, powder coating products

Powder Coating Service

Expert powder coating available in a wide variety of resin types there is a powder coating to suit your needs. More...

powder coating brands, powder coating products

Component Assembly

ColourTec also provides a component assembly service with powder coating just being another step in the process. More...

powder coating brands, powder coating products

Appliance Packaging

ColourTec also provides an appliance packaging service with wet painting just being another step in the process. More...

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