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PVF2 Fluorocarbon

This wet paint system offers long life exterior protection for aluminium surfaces. It is extremely fade resistant & available in a wide range of colours.

Fluorocarbon - PVF2 exceeds the performance of polyester powder coatings & anodizing. It is virtually unaffected by UV light & withstands the most demanding environments.

The back bone of this system is its Kynar 500 Fluorocarbon - PVF2 - content. It is this inert & non-volatile resin (which does not affect the ozone layer) that enables it to achieve these criteria.

Some advantages of Fluorocarbon - PVF2 are:

+ High colour stability, allowing colour matching years later.
+ High resistance to salt atmosphere & airborne pollutants.
+ High resistance to acids.
+ Freedom from pitting which helps reduse dirt build-up.
+ Easier cleaning & maintenance.
+ 20 year warranty.