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TimberTec Woodgrain Finish

Realistic high definition timber finish look on powder coated surfaces.

What is TimberTec?
TimberTec is the registered name for a process developed by Colourtec Services​ to produce a realistic high definition timber finish look on powder coated surfaces. Using new membrane technology our system uses only materials that have been developed and rigorously tested to international standards. 

TimberTec meets or exceeds the most demanding environmental conditions. Using high quality base wood grain powder coatings the finish is tough, durable and exhibits no ware off as the colours and patterns become part of the products coating. 

How is it done?
TimberTec is a photo imaging process that involves a physical reaction between special inks and the base coating. Under controlled conditions of Heat and Pressure photographic images are fused directly into the special base coating. The inks penetrate the full depth of the coating which creates a natural long lasting timber finish effect. This process is not an overlay or laminate it becomes part of the paint coating so will not peel or flake over time. 

The benefits
A stunning timber finish that never requires painting. TimberTec is a great alternative to timber for aluminium windows and doors without any of the maintenance and durability problems associated with timber. TimberTec will not rot, split, or twist and is not subject to insect attack. 

TimberTec can be applied to any substrate that can be powder coated. Three dimensional items need to be tested to ensure they can with stand the process. Uses include Aluminium Extrusion for Architectural use like Windows and Entry Doors, Garage doors, Panel and Cladding products, Louvre’s and Shutters. 

Care & maintenance
Regular cleaning is essential for all powder coated surfaces in order to maintain the original performance characteristics of the coating. The only maintenance required for TimberTec is a regular wash with warm soapy water. This is to remove surface contamination build up over time which can degrade the coating 

TimberTec is covered by a 10 year manufacturers guarantee which covers correctly specified and applied materials that have been maintained in accordance with AS / NZ 3715. Any warranties must be applied for in writing and are subject to approval regarding application and location. For further information and conditions regarding TimberTec’s guarantee please contact your supplier.

Available in TimberTec wood grain finish or standard powder coat finishes.